Chad & Sheela (Marriage Proposal)

This is one of the videos that we were commissioned to do for “I Do”, ABS-CBN’s original reality show. Chad & Sheela is one of the power couples of the show. Watch how Chad proposed to Sheela.

Chad & Sheela Proposal Docu from Chug Cadiogan on Vimeo.

Ralph & Leeanne (save-the-date)

Ralph & Leeanne (Save The Date) from Chug Cadiogan on Vimeo.

Gibo & Rakki (Save-the-date)

Gibu & Rakki (Teaser) from Chug Cadiogan on Vimeo.

Robbi & Shariane (Save-The-Date)

Location: Caramoan Island, Camarines Sur, Philippines
Photo & Styling: Visionary Photography by Jervy Santiago
HMU: Macy Masocol-Aguilar

Bens & Kath (Save-The-Date)

Shot in Singapore 2 days before their ROM. Bens and Kath will have a 2nd wedding in the Philippines come September of this year.

Vince + Shing (Save-The-Date)

Nilzen & Julia (E-Session)

Ronald + Hershey

Basilica de San Sebastian
Crowne Plaza
Photo: Erron Ocampo

Carlos + Hope (California, USA) – Travel III

Down to the final stretch of my trip this month, Los Angeles, California. Lots of familiar faces that I haven’t seen for a while. This place made me feel really at home. I was welcomed by an ol pal, Victor Parreno and Micke Parreno, who acted as my wingman at Carlos & Hope’s wedding. I had the warmest welcome ever.

For Carlos and Hope, thanks for the opportunity and the trust that you gave me. Thanks for that satisfying dinner you prepared for me and the sweetest chat we had. You’re genuinely the kindest couple! Congrats and best wishes.

When I was in my plane back home, I realized that LOVE is the strongest force that God created in the universe. It can make the whole world small. It bridges the gap between two different nationalities, cultures and beliefs. In fact it is the force that brought me to five different countries (Vienna, Slovakia, Hungary, Oslo and USA) in 28 days. Made me travel 27,633.3 miles/ 44471.485 kilometers and sit in a plane for almost 70 hours. Result? major jetlag and I’m lovin’ it. So, keep the LOVE flowing baby!!

San Fernando Mission, CA
Photos: Darren de Leon

Francis + Nieva [Save-The-Date]