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01 Jun

A Bubbly Concept Video

A concept video inspired by Colbie Caillat’s Bubbly MTV. Gilbert and Dyan won’t settle for an ordinary e-session and thought of doing something that would entertain their guests. And why not do their own impression of this Music Video. [ | | | | ]

14 Oct


All characters were played by amateur & professional actors/actresses. No air-force personnel/ officers in real life were in the video so as to protect their identity. This is a short film about our men in the Air-force. To show their integrity, service, teamwork, efficiency and professionalism. Shown during the Air force day held last August […]

25 Sep

Angela’s Day Out

Angela held her 1st birthday party at a cinema of a popular mall in town. And it is only fitting to have a movie poster of her to compliment the mood of her party. and to jump-start her a la premiere night event, we had this short film for Angela. [ | | | | […]