Jinggoy & Reese (Hong Kong)

Here’s Jinggoy and Reese’s destination wedding in Hong Kong. It was one helluva celebration full of heartfelt moments. We cried and laughed with you guys! Congratulations and best wishes!
Paul Vincent Photography by Paul Vincent

Dee & Shanne (Sydney, Australia)

Several days before the wedding we have been checking the weather forecasat hoping it will be better. Come wedding day, sun and blue skies greeted us in the morning. It was a hint that God made this day special for Dee & Shanne.

Photo: Paul Vincent
MUA: Goy Senpin

Hanz & Roby (San Diego, CA)

True Love is ending up with someone who is exactly the opposite of what you want in a man.

Rody & Kate (Lake Como, Italy)

The view is breathtaking. Greens, mountains and a majestic lake surround us in this romantic place in Italy. God’s creation as a witness to all the love that was immortalised in holy matrimony.
We were there. Witnessed it too. Did our part in immortalising a love story through our lenses.
Here’s our take on Roddy & Kate’s wedding.
Photos: Paul Vincent
Church: San Giorgio, Varenna, Lake Como, Italy
Reception: Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni – Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy
Bridal gown: Demetrios, CA
Evening Gown: Mark Bumgarner
Bridal robe: La Tercera
HMU: Kerwin Solo
Wedding Invites: Printsonalities
Band: ASAP

Jostein og Lizelle (SDE)

It started 6 years ago when we had a chance to showcase our craft in Europe. We were overwhelmed of the experience of going to our dream destinations and set foot to places we have only seen on travel magazines and post cards. Every year thereafter, we have been privileged to go back to Europe and do a wedding or two. This year, our passion brings us to Tuscany for a Norwegian wedding. How awesome is that!? And it’s in a hamlet surrounded by vineyards & at the foot of a mountain. What more could you ask for?
Here’s the same-day-edit we did for Jostein & Lizell. A Norwegian wedding in Tuscany!

Marge & Marc (Wente Vienyards, Livermore CA)

“I promise to always laugh with you during good times and to comfort you during sorrows, including Golden State Warriors losses.” This really left a mark in my heart. How cool is the bride’s vow huh?
My flight plan for the past 2 weeks wasn’t so friendly. Manila-Hong Kong-Manila-Dubai-Manila-San Fransico-Manila. My “jetlag” is so confused that it didn’t know when to hit me. Now I’m traveling to Baguio with my team for a weekday wedding. While in transit, let me share with you Marge & Marc’s wedding in an epic venue in a winery somewhere in the Bay Area.

Jaypee & Audelene (New Jersey, USA)

Fireproof doesn’t mean that fire will never come. But when it comes, you will be able to withstand it without burning.
If you have the love of Jesus in your life your marriage will definitely be perfect. If you have Jesus in your life your marriage will be 100% guaranteed fireproof.
Fireproof your marriage.

JayPee & Audelene (SDE) from Chug Cadiogan on Vimeo.

Stephen & Jessica (Los Altos, CA)

Stephen & Jessica
Los Altos History and Museum
When Stephen and Jessica met for the first time, it was a chance meeting in Houston Texas, 2000 miles away from their homes. It was Stephen’s smile that caught Jessica’s eye, and Stephen was drawn to Jessica’s friendly nature. When they both realised they have grown up only 6 miles away from each other, in San Jose in Saratoga, they knew they have met for a reason. Stephen called Jessica the day after while he was still in Houston and she was back in Berkeley. She thought “this one is dedicated and I like that.” They spent that summer trying to get to know each other driving between Sacramento and Berkeley, and so they began to understand their shared values. Jessica spent long hours in the Architecture studio and Stephen will keep her company on the phone into the night while she worked. Knowing he was there at the end of the line helped her get through the challenging parts. Through their own graduations, different career paths and living in different cities, they never lost focus on their goal of being together. And finally able to be in San Francisco. And here they are now years later, celebrating the love they have found in each other.

Stephen & Jessica – Los Altos, CA (SDE) from Chug Cadiogan on Vimeo.

Jay & Notty (Oslo, Norway)

My regular visit to Europe, specifically Oslo, Norway makes me love the place more. Aside from the weather, culture, how the government takes care of its citizens, how the city is planned, how easy the commute and how stable the economy, it’s the people what makes it standout. Because of these few factors that I mentioned, people tend to be laid-back (in a good way), content, they respect each other, slow to anger, they help each other and they are more appreciative of God’s blessings.
I enjoyed Iceland to the fullest and was awed by God’s creation. I did not plan carefully for this to happen but I am thankful that it did. But nothing beats meeting people and making bonds with them. A bond that through the years have become stronger, making Oslo and Philippines closer to each other.
To the Estrada’s (Tito Art, Tita Julie and Jonas) who have hosted us, gave us shelter & warmth, who woke up earlier than usual to cook breakfast for us, who drove us around to make sure we get into the business or simply just to show us around. Thank you very much!
To the Lauretta’s and Aggabao’s who have done the same and nothing less during our earlier visits. You make us forget what “homesick” is.
To the previous couples that gave us reasons to go and come back, namely, Jens & Joy (they opened the doors of Europe for us), Morten & Michelle, Reinart & Rochelle, Jonas & Angie, & Steven & Yliza, thank you for welcoming us each time we are in Oslo. For taking time out to see us and treat us. And to the most recent union that we have witnessed, Jay and Notty, thank you for making us a part of your celebration.
I am often asked… “why do you keep coming back to Oslo? Do you have friends there?” Now I know how to respond, “we don’t have friends in Oslo, we have family there!”
We will come back next year with more gusto. Knowing that we will see all of you again.
Here’s one of the newest member of our growing family in Oslo, Jay and Notty (& Lea).
Photo by: Paul Vincent Photography

PJ & Jay-R (Montreal, Canada)

According to Forbes, Canadians are the 4th friendliest people in the world. Imagine being around these people for a couple of days… better yet, Imagine being with Filipino-Canadians… its like have a double caramel glazed on your frappuccino! sweetness overload! I had a privilege of enjoying this for a couple of days and I had an “amazeballs” experience!
Thanks to our couple and their family for giving me a wonderful immersion in Montreal! Food, history, culture, religion, heritage, architecture, and a lot of love in 3 days! PJ & Jay-R, you guys rock!
Special shout-out to Mark Gonzalo & Cross Marlowe for the great photos and for helping out on this video.
Church: St. Thomas Parish, Montreal, Canada
Reception: Sheraton Montreal Airport Hotel