Jeff & Nadine (SDE – Baguio City)

Jeff and Nadine (SDE) from Chug Cadiogan on Vimeo.

St. Joseph Cathedral, Baguio City
19th T Forest Lodge

Anj & Aleli (SDE – Beach Wedding)

Anj & Aleli (SDE) by Reel Deal Video from Chug Cadiogan on Vimeo.

Club Balai Isabel, Batangas, Philippines
We are flawed but in the eyes of our significant other, we are perfect.

Jay-R & Acey (SDE)

The Lord’s Transfiguration Parish Church
The Country Garden
She became a fan when she first heard him recite in their constitutional law class. And here they are now… who would have known that their happy-ever-after would start there? 🙂

Gowns and Suites: Jojo Macapinlac
Mua: Mariah Camaya Santos
Photography: Paolo Feliciano Photography
Coordinator: Michele Montemayor Basilio

Jay-R & Acey (SDE) from Chug Cadiogan on Vimeo.

Jaypee & Audelene (New Jersey, USA)

Fireproof doesn’t mean that fire will never come. But when it comes, you will be able to withstand it without burning.
If you have the love of Jesus in your life your marriage will definitely be perfect. If you have Jesus in your life your marriage will be 100% guaranteed fireproof.
Fireproof your marriage.

JayPee & Audelene (SDE) from Chug Cadiogan on Vimeo.

Stephen & Jessica (Los Altos, CA)

Stephen & Jessica
Los Altos History and Museum
When Stephen and Jessica met for the first time, it was a chance meeting in Houston Texas, 2000 miles away from their homes. It was Stephen’s smile that caught Jessica’s eye, and Stephen was drawn to Jessica’s friendly nature. When they both realised they have grown up only 6 miles away from each other, in San Jose in Saratoga, they knew they have met for a reason. Stephen called Jessica the day after while he was still in Houston and she was back in Berkeley. She thought “this one is dedicated and I like that.” They spent that summer trying to get to know each other driving between Sacramento and Berkeley, and so they began to understand their shared values. Jessica spent long hours in the Architecture studio and Stephen will keep her company on the phone into the night while she worked. Knowing he was there at the end of the line helped her get through the challenging parts. Through their own graduations, different career paths and living in different cities, they never lost focus on their goal of being together. And finally able to be in San Francisco. And here they are now years later, celebrating the love they have found in each other.

Stephen & Jessica – Los Altos, CA (SDE) from Chug Cadiogan on Vimeo.

Andrew & Angie (SDE)

Shangri-La Boracay, Philippines
Their dream to seal their love at a paradise has finally come. Paradise it is and it’s worthy of an aerial view. ‪#‎chugcadiogancinema‬ ‪#‎weddingvideographer‬ ‪#‎aerialvideography‬ ‪#‎aerialbeast‬.

Andrew & Angie (SDE) from Chug Cadiogan on Vimeo.

Marryoke anyone?

What is Marryoke?
According to Wikipedia, Marryoke is a trend within the wedding industry which involves participants miming and performing a song of their choice. The footage is usually shot on the wedding day[1] although it is not an activity exclusive to weddings.[2] Once filmed, the footage is edited together so that it appears as if the participants are performing the song themselves. The phrase Marryoke is a play on the word karaoke due to their similarities; however a marryoke involves no actual singing from the participants being included in the final edit as the participants singing is lip synced to the original artist in editing. Marryoke is becoming popular as a form of wedding entertainment fun for guests.
Here’s Broddie & Donna’s version of it as executed by our team.

Brodie & Donna Wedding (I Gotta' Feeling Marryoke) from Chug Cadiogan on Vimeo.

Eric & Rona (save-the-date)

I Will Save You (Full version)
I have always wanted to do something different. Finally, I was given the opportunity to create a prenup video that has never been done before.

Biboy & Aylene (Save-the-date)

These shots make the most of the wedding SDE’s:
Priest’s message.
Veil-drop in slowmotion.
The groom wearing his shoes.
Bride’s beauty shot w/ bouquet.
The shot of the gown in the garden.
Groom wearing his coat.
Bride writing her vow.
Groom’s moment with his groomsmen.
Macro shot of the spinning ring.
And the 1st dance of the couple.
The quintessentials of a wedding videographer. These are what couples usually are asked to do during the wedding day to complete your ordinary same-day-edit video. But Biboy & Aylene, they’re just extra-ordinary.
Watch this SDE-ish prenup video in high defition.

Steven & Yliza (Oslo, Norway)

As my friend Paul of Paul Vincent Photography said, we are not just travelling outside the Philippines to witness and document two families uniting but we are gaining friends and expanding our family abroad. Another member of our Norwegian friends, Steven & Yliza, just tied the knot two weeks after Jonas & Angie’s wedding, our extended family in Oslo.

Witnessing love in this part of the world and experiencing the warmth and kindness of our friends that we consider family is the greatest gain for me.

Realization: don’t be the best, just be a better person everyday.

God is good all the time.

Steven & Yliza (SDE) from Chug Cadiogan on Vimeo.