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04 Aug

Coleen’s 18th (SDE)

A father once said, “I wish my daughter wouldn’t have to grow too fast”. My sentiments exactly. But if that’s the case, this will keep us from seeing our daughters turn into a beautiful young lady. Gown: Mat Basilio, Edwin Tan HMUA: Toni Rodriguez Photo: Proudrad, Al Avellana Coordinator: Paramount Asia Stage design: Tipping Point […]

10 May

Nikki (debutante) Same-day-edit

She’s quiet, shy and reserved. She won’t even talk to you unless you ask her something. But once the camera rolls and the beat is just about right, you’ll get her jiggin’ and the shy person in her vanishes. [ | | | | ]

21 Aug

Aisha Bea Wijangco Romero (18th Birthday)

A sudden downpour delayed the party a bit. But nothing can stop this circus party to set about. Seeing these acrobats, clowns, stilt walkers, jugglers & mimers around Glass Garden, I know that this night is going to be a good night! (same-day-edit) (pre-event video) [ | | | | ]