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23 Jul

Jeff & Nadine (SDE – Baguio City)

Jeff and Nadine (SDE) from Chug Cadiogan on Vimeo. St. Joseph Cathedral, Baguio City 19th T Forest Lodge [ | | | | ]

05 Jan

Xavier & Ayee (SDE)

Xavier & Ayee Photo: Jaja Samaniego Gown: Cecilio Abad Entourage gown: Rosette Biag Coordinator: Rhia Darang of Hip Events Bridal & entourage bouquet and boutonniere: Gideon Hermosa Florist: Efren Bacawat Hmu: byron Velasquez and Patty Inojales Church: Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral Reception: Baguio Country Club Xavier & Ayee (SDE) from Chug Cadiogan on […]

29 Apr

Omar & Danica

St. Joseph Paris, Baguio City Baguio Country Club Photo: Jayson and Jo Anne Arquiza OTD: ANNAffairs HMU: Marissa Narvaez Gown: Helen Cruz Omar & Danica (Baguio City, Philippines) from Chug Cadiogan on Vimeo. [ | | | | ]

03 Aug

Mitch & Sarah (Baguio City)

Mitch & Sarah St. Joseph Parish Church Baguio Country Club OTD: Anna Lorraine Kier Tabora Photo: Chestknots Studios by Jayjay Lucas HMU: Angie Cruz and Ogie Rayel Happy to share our passion to do good videos all over the country. This year and next year we will be traveling allover the country to be part […]

19 Jun

Eric ♥ Mau (Baguio City)

Baguio Cathedral Baguio Country Club Photo: Salvador Quinto OTD: Heaven’s Touch Planners & Coordinators [ | | | | ]

13 Dec

Richard + Sarah

St. Joseph Cathedral Baguio Country Club [ | | | | ]

04 Aug

Dennis & Beverly – Baguio City (SDE)

St. Joseph Parish, Baguio City Camp John Hay Clubhouse Photo: Dino Lara Gown: Cecilio Abad OTD: Affordaweddings Atbp. [ | | | | ]

07 Mar

Ron & Missy

Baguio City, where my roots are… Me & my team were pretty excited to document Ron & Missy’s wedding in Baguio. Yes, we’re used to covering weddings in Tagaytay so the cold weather wasn’t what we’re looking forward to; it’s the smell of pines, the picturesque view, & the “ukay-ukay”. The zigzag road fenced by […]