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11 Apr

Franco & Candy

Archbishop’s Palac Wack-wack Coountry Club Photo: Paul Vincent A beattle mania wedding and a very colorful one. We wanted their video to be more candid and real to show Fanco and Candy’s cheerful personality & to capture the day’s happenings & emotions. [ | | | | ]

07 Mar

Laster & Joyce

Joyce & Lester from Chug Cadiogan on Vimeo. Santuario de San Jose Wack Wack Glof & Country Club Photo: Jayson Arquiza HMU: Angie & Ogie Coordinator:  Ai acosta [ | | | | ]

07 Mar

Rocky & Sarah

It was one of those cold days of January. Once again we were able to use our jackets:). It was a garden wedding, a Christian wedding at that. The ceremony was so intimate & emotional. Tears started gushing when they exchanged vows. Rocky Sarah from Chug Cadiogan on Vimeo. Casa Blanca, Tagaytay Photo: Richard Buan […]