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29 Dec

The man from 7 turns 77.

We were privileged to do this video for the man behind the largest network in the land today. This is the most star-studded event that we have attended to and documented to date and I am flattered & honored to be chosen to do this video. I was behind the control booth when they played […]

28 Dec

Jenry & Kaye

Wedding date: December 5, 2009 “Grow old with you” is their theme song. So they extracted their favorite line from the song and made we made it as a prelude to their same-day-edit. [ | | | | ]

28 Dec

Raymond & Fritzie

Another save-the-date video. This time it’s a travel themed wedding. [ | | | | ]

15 Dec

Erwin & Jewelle

Erwin & Jewelle Here comes December once again. Haven’t had time to update my web these past few weeks & here comes wedding season afresh. A mad schedule and wedding marathon galore. To strat off, here’s Erwin & Jewelle’s same-day-edit. [ | | | | ]

10 Dec

Paulo & Iking

The w@wie awards was held last Nov 27. I finished the 1st AVP on Nov 24, the 2nd AVP on the 25th, and the last AVP at 2:00pm on the 27th . I was an all-nighter for 3 days and after the w@w party (at 11pm) I went to get my new Canon 7D to […]