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According to Forbes, Canadians are the 4th friendliest people in the world. Imagine being around these people for a couple of days. . ?m=201001 . better yet, Imagine being with Filipino-Canadians. . . its like have a double caramel glazed on your frappuccino! sweetness overload! I had a privilege of enjoying this for a couple of days and I had an "amazeballs" experience! Thanks to ?m=201001 our couple and their family for giving me [?m=201001] a wonderful immersion in Montreal! Food, history, culture, religion, heritage, architecture, and a lot of love in 3 days! PJ & Jay-R ?m=201001, you guys rock! Special shout-out to Mark Gonzalo & Cross Marlowe for the great photos and for helping out on this video. Church: St. Thomas Parish, Montreal, Canada Reception: Sheraton Montreal Airport Hotel

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