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21 May

Errol & Ellen (SDE)

Oasis Garden/ Pavillion Photo: Paul Vincent HMU: Angie & Ogie Gown: Veluz We started to march even before it started drizzling. I was praying that it wouldn’t pour until the bride reaches the altar. True enough, the rain started a minute after the march an continued with the rights at the Pavillion. Ellen is one […]

15 May

we’re 4(four) & counting!

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12 May

SG E-Session

I will be in Singapore for two e-session shoots (pre-wedding video) from May 29 – June 1, 2010. Please shoot us an email for your inquiries. Since roaming fees are way up on the ceiling, just try not to call us or just sms us at least 🙂 nevertheless if you cannot help but call […]

10 May

Nikki (debutante) Same-day-edit

She’s quiet, shy and reserved. She won’t even talk to you unless you ask her something. But once the camera rolls and the beat is just about right, you’ll get her jiggin’ and the shy person in her vanishes. [ | | | | ]

04 May

Wilmon & Steph

Canyon Woods Chapel Canyon Woods Clubhouse Wilmon: “I vow to have a listening & forgiving heart. I vow that before I take one breath for myself, I will take one for you first.” Awwww! that’s what all I can say while shooting this exchange of vows. Take note, no written vows whatsoever. It all came […]