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My regular visit to Europe, specifically Oslo, Norway makes me love the place more. Aside from the weather, culture, how the government takes care of its citizens, how the city is planned, how easy the commute and how stable the economy, it's the people what makes it standout. Because of these few factors that I mentioned, people tend to be laid-back (in a good way), content, they respect each other, slow to anger, they help each other and they are more appreciative of God's blessings. I enjoyed Iceland to the fullest and was ?p=439 awed by God's creation. I did not plan carefully for this to happen but I am thankful that it did. But nothing beats meeting people and making bonds with them. A bond that through the years have become stronger, making Oslo and Philippines closer to each other. To the Estrada's (Tito Art, Tita Julie and Jonas) who have hosted us, gave us shelter & warmth, who woke up earlier than usual to cook breakfast for us, who drove us around to make sure we get into the business or simply just to show us around. Thank you very much! To the Lauretta's and Aggabao's who have done the same and nothing less during our earlier visits. You make us forget what "homesick" is. To the previous couples that gave us reasons to go and come back, namely ?p=439, Jens & Joy (they opened the doors of Europe for us), Morten & Michelle, Reinart & Rochelle, Jonas & Angie, & Steven & Yliza, thank you for welcoming us each time we are in Oslo. For taking time out to see us and treat us. And to the most recent union that we have witnessed, Jay and Notty, thank you for making us a part of your celebration. I am often [?p=439] asked. . . "why do you keep coming back to Oslo? Do you have friends there?" Now I know how to respond, "we don't have friends in Oslo, we have family there!" We will come back next year with more gusto. Knowing that we will see all of you again. Here's one of the newest member of our growing family in Oslo, Jay and Notty (& Lea). ?p=439 photo by: paul vincent photography

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