St. Margaret Church, HK
Hongkong Jockey Club, Happy Valley, HK

4 months before the wedding we were booked to fly to Hong Kong a day ahead. On my way to the airport at 4:00pm the groom called and told me that my 7:40pm flight was cancelled and was transferred to the 9:45am flight of the same day. I checked my text messages, my email, and found no notification from the airline company. All messages that I have from them are their promo seats and my booking confirmation.

I called the airline and complained about it but all they could do for me is to transfer me to next day’s flight in the evening. But it’s not possible.. I would miss my wedding. A commitment is a commitment. I had to book a flight for me to get to Hong Kong in time for my client’s wedding. Even it would cost me 4 times the price of my previous ticket.

We had a very happy couple when we arrived the hotel. I can tell that they were happy to see us, as we are to see them. Very gorgeous couple!

This SDE was view in over 30 LCD TVs. Yes, I was awed by the experience.

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  1. I want another round of wedding with you and your team!:) Me and Fernan can’t just get enough with your work! big big thanks again!=D

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